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Animaland - Has pet care guides, an online animal encyclopedia, place to ask questions, book suggestions, career information, games, cartoons, information on issues and more. Also cyberhunts and activity sheets.

Kidskonnect - Guide to animals…lots and lots of links.

Kids in Nature’s Defense - Go here again and again. Includes monthly calendar of KIND tips and a clubhouse of games.

Kids Planet – Lots of fun stuff from Defenders of Wildlife.

Kind Kids - From Kind Planet. Fun site with free screensavers, puzzles, brief articles and more!

The Kindness Club - Founded in 1959. Membership is $5 for kids and you get four issues of their newsletter and more.

National Geographic for Kids - Has a great creature feature, games, cartoons, stories, news, pictures, postcards, activities, homework help and more…quite a bit about animals!

National Humane Education Society - Site for kids. Articles to read.

Things That Kids Can Do to Help Animals - From Please Be Kind. Lots of tips here on ways to help animals, including looking at what you eat and wear, what you do for fun, and what you buy.

More Than You Do - Learn about the cruelties of fur. Flash movie and action steps.

Inspiring Kids Helping Animals - Read how other kids are helping animals!

A calendar all about animals - From Animaland.

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Dog Bites Dos and Don’ts Coloring Page - From The Humane Society of the United States.

How to Find a Lost Cat or Dog - From the Pet Action League. This is not specifically written for kids, but it is one of the best articles we've seen on the subject! Also includes tips on how to protect your pet.

How You Can Help Homeless Animals - Read this list of things you can do to help, from Best Friends, an animal sanctuary. Also see Top 10 List: Things You Can Do to Help Animals.
Pet Care Tips - From the BCSPCA.        

Things Kids Can Do to Help Animals - From Please Be Kind.

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Alternatives to Dissection - From the ASPCA. Lots of sources of information listed here to explore.

Dissection Campaign Kit - From the Humane Society of the United States, for high school students and younger. Lots of great information to help you.

Saying No to Dissection, A Handbook for Elementary Students - A pdf file from the National Anti-vivisection Society.


Science Fairs

Guidelines for student experiments involving animals - Including suggested alternative projects.

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Ask Jake, the SeaDog - Ask your questions about ocean animals.

Practical Pet Care - Post your questions about all kinds of pets.
Books/ Magazines

Animals, Eh? - You can download the various issues of this magazine from Canada, all about animals.

Search at the ASPCA for books to read - Try the “search by subject” drop down menu!


A WebQuest on Animal Cruelty - Designed for 5th graders.

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Kidlink - A place to read comments from kids all over the world. You can post your own too. Check out the topics under “Making Our World Better,” which include Animals’ rights, No Violence, No More Poverty, Protect our Nature, No More War, No More Racism, and more.

Roots and Shoots - Join this youth network started by Jane Goodall


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