Bats4Kids - A huge site with lots to explore!

Endangered Animals of the World - This is an ongoing worldwide collaborative project, written by kids for kids.

International Year of the Ocean - Learn about all things related to the ocean, including saving coral reefs, endangered sea mammals, marine debris, and much, much more.

Kids’ Fun and Games - Lots here, all from the World Wildlife Fund. This organization supports trophy hunting (hunting of big game animals like lions) but that is not part of these materials.

Really Wild Zone - A UK site from BBC Online.  Has online contests and games, as well as "fact files" about a variety of wildlife.

Save A Turtle - Learn about a little about sea turtles and what you can do to help save them.

Tracking the Tiger Trade - Can you catch the poachers? And here’s more tiger adventures! And you can still learn more about tigers, and then play some fun games and stuff.

Web-Ed Adventures Online - all about marine and aquatic animals.

WildKids - A UK site. You mostly will find puzzles, stories and fun stuff.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service - Takes a look at how loss of habitat and ecosystems can lead to a decline in biodiversity, and how the Endangered Species Act helps prevent extinction.

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Recycle City - Explore this virtual city to see how people there recycle, reduce, and reuse waste.

Rotten Truth (About Garbage) - Are you into garbage? Click through the four major sections at this site: What Is Garbage, There's No "Away," Nature Recycles, and Making Choices.

Polluted Runoff - Find out what nonpoint source pollution is, how we contribute to it, and the things we can do to prevent it.  This site is from the EPA.

Earth 911 Kids - Encouraging kids to make Earth Day everyday.

Tiki the Penguin - Gives us the lowdown on pollution.

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Beginner’s Guide to Climate Change - Gives a history of climate change on the planet.

EPA’s Global Warming Kid’s Site - Explains the problem of global warming and tells us some things we can do to help.

Global Warming is Hot Stuff - A very thorough explanation of global warming for kids.

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Action for Nature - Encouragement to take action to help nature.

Environmental Kids Club - From the Environmental Protection Agency (young students)

EPA Student Center - From the Environmental Protection Agency (middle school)

The Green Squad - Kids taking action to make schools green. From Natural Resources Defense Council.

Kidskonnect - Guide to the environment. Tons about every environmental issue.

Kids Corner, Groundwater Foundation - Learn about groundwater on your own. Includes experiments to try at home.

Planet Pals - A whole site for kids who care about Planet Earth.

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Kidlink - A place to read comments from kids all over the world. You can post your own too. Check out the topics under “Making Our World Better,” which include Animals’ rights, No Violence, No More Poverty, Protect our Nature, No More War, No More Racism, and more.

Roots and Shoots - Join this youth network started by Jane Goodall


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